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Biomechanical Assessments & Orthotics

What is a biomechanical assessment?
How do I know if I need a biomechanical assessment?
Biomechanical Assessments are functional movement tests designed for active people of all abilities and anyone interested in sport and exercising, from athletes to social runners of any age (from 10 years old).
Are you suffering from pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips, pelvis or spine?
Do you think you may benefit from orthotics or you have had orthotics in the past?
Are you currently struggling to shake off an injury?
Are you looking to prevent injuries or optimise your body and movement?
Are you curious to understand the potential causes of your injuries?
Have you taken up a new sport or looking to make a return to sport?
Are aches and pains preventing you from exercising?
What happens in an appointment?
A full case history to discuss your health, injuries and sport
A thorough osteopathic postural assessment and physical examination - particular attention will be made to your joint mobility, muscle flexibility, strength and muscle balance
A gait analysis on a GaitScan pressure plate
Video movement analysis of you running/walking (Claygate only)
Advice on appropriate treatment, exercise prescription, onward referral or orthotic prescription
Advice on training and footwear
A customised GaitScan report
You will not receive any treatment in this session and are under no obligation to follow our advice or begin a treatment programme.
Please bring with you any casual shoes that are worn regularly, training shoes and any old orthotics
How much does it cost?
Claygate Clinic: £150, 1 hour consultation (suitable for adults and children over 10 years)
Alton Clinic: £70, 45min consultation
Claygate Clinic: £65, 45 min consultation
If customised orthotics are required: £220 (initial deposit of £120 required at the time of ordering)
Second pair (if ordered within the year): £150
Orthotics for children (Kids Outgrowth Programme): £220 (once they grow two shoe sizes they will get a second pair for free)
15 min follow up appointments if orthotics ordered - cost included in price of orthotics - arranged 3 weeks after ordering. 
Rush order: £25
If after 6 months you are unhappy with your orthotics they may be returned for a full refund on the price of the orthotics

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