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​Hannah graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters degree in Osteopathy, she is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. Hannah has over 11 years of experience working as an osteopath having treated thousands of patients over the years. She currently works as an associate osteopath at Crown House Osteopaths (Egham), Claygate Clinic (Esher) and Medstead Osteopathy & Physiotherapy (Alton).
Hannah Kitchen Osteopath. Hannah Angell.
Hannah Angell M.Ost ​

After receiving osteopathic treatment at a young age, Hannah was inspired to study osteopathy herself. Hannah is enthusiastic about osteopathy and the different methods available to improving health and guiding the body to restore function.

Hannah sees clients with a variety of problems and is able to apply a wide range of osteopathic techniques suitable for patients of all types in order to provide pain relief and make sure each patient has their own specific treatment plan, treating each as an individual. Hannah has gained experience working in Warrington, Winslow, Twickenham and Oxford before beginning work in Egham in 2015, Claygate in 2021 and more recently in Alton.

Hannah has always led an active lifestyle and is passionate about triathlon having resented GB at elite level for eight years (2013-2021). She enjoys working with athletes and is especially interested in the potential osteopathy has to treat sporting injuries and therefore enhance performance, especially running injuries and hip/pelvic disorders. Her previous experience working as a sports injuries and massage therapist has given her an excellent understanding on a number of sporting injuries and a good understanding of what athletes go through. With a sporting background Hannah is fully aware of what it takes to achieve success in sport and can advice you appropriately.

Hannah is qualified in Kinesiology Taping and she is keen to further develop her interest in nutrition and sports rehabilitation.

Hannah also offers biomechanical assessments using gait analysis software from Gaitscan, she is also able to offer orthotics to suitable patients. 

Hannah recognises the value of working in cooperation with other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, doctors and surgeons when in the best interest of the patient. Hannah uses exercise prescription software Rehab My Patient to provide personalised exercise and rehab programmes for all patients - including stretches, rehab, mobility and flexibility work. 

Hannah Angell (née Kitchen) Osteopath in Surrey, Egham and Claygate
Hannah Angell (née Kitchen). Ex Elite Triathlete
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