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The scariest moment is just before you start...

So it's the first day of 2014. Time to turn dreams into plans. A whole new year ahead, I wonder what it will bring? It's time to stop thinking and start doing, make the most of it. This time last year I would never have pictured being where I am now and I never expected 2013 to take the turns it has. But it's been a brilliant journey and I wouldn't change it.

In July 2013 I began to be coached by Richard Stannard which brought a whole new approach, level and way of thinking to my training. We had three months for me to learn how to train and race which finished with a 4th place in the 2013 ITU Elite U23 World Aquathlon Championships in Hyde Park. In October I made the decision to leave one of my jobs and focus on training full time (whilst working part-time 2 days a week) and see where I could go with triathlon by giving it everything. There aren't any shortcuts and it will take everything I have but what could be better than spending everyday doing something I love? I don't want to spend the rest of my life thinking 'what if', 'how far could I have gone' and making excuses...if it's still in your mind it's a risk worth taking.

I have learnt an unbelieveable amount over the past 6 months, my training has gone from between 3-9 hours/week to 20-25+ hours/week. I have learnt my body can actually cope with running on consecutive days and even double run days. I previously thought a good solid 3k swim session was enough; I am now doing over 6k sessions and swimming 35km/week. 30 minutes used to be a struggle on the turbo and now 2 hours flies by (kind of). I've learnt how sleep and recovery are essential and how important nutrition is. I have spent the last three months training with a swimming club for the first time ever and have already seen big improvements to my times. I didn't know 4.35am existed before. I have learnt that there is no pain greater than the pain of not being able to run. The importance of looking after your body - regular osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports massage is fundamental. Strength and conditioning is an ongoing process, not a few exercises here and there. And of course most importantly it's still ALL about the kit and gear. Nothing changes there ;)

Thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout 2013, I couldn't have done it on my own. This time last year I had done no winter training having had 3 months off travelling around New Zealand and Australia, so it will be great to have a summer race season following a good winter of hard work. Hopefully this blog will keep you updated with training and any races over the winter before we get round to the summer where the racing really begins...can't wait!

Everything is possible. Life is too short to wait.

Happy New Year

Hannah x

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